COVID-19 Safety

Please read, remember and do!

Hi Yogis

For all of our safety please read the information below and keep it in mind when you attend classes in the studio

Here is our COVID Safety plan

What you need to do when attending studio classes


  • book online before you come (if you are doing Saturday classes in the studio you will also need to text to confirm your booking on 0439 877 275)

  • bring a towel to class to cover soft props

  • bring your own mat and consider buying additional props mats are currently in stock ($15)

  • arrive 5 minutes early before class – not before

  • use the hand sanitiser at reception

  • place your mat on top of the studio mats that are 1.5 meters apart

  • only move off of your mat during class at the invitation of the teacher

  • clean studio props used with wipes provided after each class

  • keep 1.5 meters apart as you arrive and depart the studio

  • payment is by bank transfer only

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this. I will provide lots of reminders each class to keep us all on track.